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Kailyn signed a 2 year contract w/ Judy Belshe Toernblom & All American Rascals to be represented Theatrically & Commercially. The TFR Lead Vocalist will still Model for ZURI Models & Sophia Metcalf. Kailyn has a principal role in the upcoming film, MUSIC HIGH (See IMDb for Music High) where she portrays a music student and member of the POP SQUIRRELS (ALL GIRL BAND, backed by the actual The FAB Rudies). The movie is in near completion and Kailyn will take her character to the sequel, FEARLESS, where she will play a bigger role in the film. According to Director Mark Maine, “Kailyn stole the show almost every time she performed in Music High! She will sing & dance a lot more in Fearless, the camera loves her!” Agent Judy Belshe Toernblom has 30+ years experience in Hollywood including being a top Casting Director. Judy is well known for her book to help those considering a career in Hollywood titled, “IT’S A FREEWAY OUT THERE! (Everyone’s guide to the Film & Commercial Business in LA).” You can go to her site for more information @

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